The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem:  Create Multiple Passive Streams of Income

Unlike other training or courses, this is a complete step-by-step training that covers every aspect and strategy of affiliate marketing.  Jonathan reveals every single secret, every trick, and every strategy that works for him and for all his students.
Video 1: How the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem works
Video 2: In-depth example Of The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
Video 3: How to pick extremely high paying niches
Video 4: Picking the main core offer
Video 5: Finding support offers for the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
Video 1: What is the perfect affiliate funnel?
Video 2: What is a lead magnet and why we need it
Video 3: How to create the lead magnet
Video 4: Which landing page software to use
Video 5: Create the perfect bridge page
Video 6: Done for you 6 Figure Funnels and Lead Magnets
Video 7: Signing up for ClickFunnels Live
Video 8: Creating effective opt-in affiliate funnels fast
Video 9: Creating extremely high converting funnel pages (50%+ option)
Video 1: Intro - how email marketing prints money
Video 2: Email marketing definitions
Video 3: Signing up for GetResponse
Video 4: How to integrate ClickFunnels & GetResponse
Video 5: Setting up a professional domain email address
Video 6: Adding your professional email to GetResponse
Video 7: The secret sauce (6 Figure Email Sequence That Works)
Video 8: Get your emails written for you
Video 9: How to automate emails live build and integration
Video 10: How to send broadcast messages to your list
Video 11: Staying out of spam and Increasing open rates
Video 12: What Now?
Video 1: YouTube setup walkthrough
Video 2: The YouTube Ecosystem
Video 3: How to guarantee your growth on YouTube (the 3 phases)
Video 4: Growing on YouTube from 0 (this works every time)
Video 5: How to optimize the Videos to rank at the top
Video 6: Automate the optimization process
Video 7: Key metrics to grow on YouTube
Video 8: Watch Time and the perfect YouTube script
Video 9: ClickThrough rate and the perfect thumbnails
Video 10: First 24 hours velocity tricks
Video 11: YouTube analytics tricks
Video 12: The YouTube golden keywords guaranteed to rank
Video 13: YouTube Shorts
Video 1: The Big Picture (really important)
Video 2: Using TikTok to blow up our business
Video 3: Downloading and setting up the TikTok app
Video 4: Optimizing your Bio and adding social media handles
Video 5: Content Ideas – How to Guarantee Growth on Tiktok
Video 6: How Much Should I Post on Tiktok
Video 7: Editing Videos & Batch Filming
Video 8: TikTok Algorithm Revealed
Video 9: How We Will Use TikTok to Get Leads and Sales
Video 10: Create 12 videos in an hour
Video 11: TikTok Live Secrets
Video 12: Stiches, Duets, Comment Replays
Video 1: Intro to Facebook Groups
Video 2: How to Create The Facebook Group (Key Elements)
Video 3: Growing From 0 to 1000 using a Facebook Profile
Video 4: Grow FAST using a Lead Magnet
Video 5: How to Use The Algorithm to Your Advantage
Video 6: How to Write SUPER ENGAGING POSTS
Video 7: How to Save Time Not Replying Back
Video 8: Use This to Get Social Media Posts Written for You
Video 9: Numbers are KEY!
Video 10: The Big Vision
◼ How to get high ticket sales LIGHTNING FAST
◼ Daniel's secret BAIT AND SWITCH METHOD to ethically steal traffic
◼ 6 simple questions to close the sale
Video 1: Introduction to Joshua Ong
Video 2: Intro
Video 3: Psychology & Mindset of Success with Facebook
Video 4: Success Cycle
Video 5: The Power of Momentum
Video 6: Branding You Inc – Profile Setting & Funnel Set Up
Video 7: Deleting Inactive Friends or not target audience
Video 8: Adding Your Ideal Client
Video 9: Daily Method of Operation
Video 10: Limitless Content Strategy
Video 11: Content Strategy
Video 12: The VALUE Framework
Video 13: Engagements Algorithm
Video 14: Facebook Posting Strategy
Video 15: The Power of Facebook Stories
Video 16: High Intention, Low Attachment
Video 17: Lead Generation with Facebook Groups
Video 18: Outbound Strategy
Video 19: Follow up Strategy
Video 20: 5 Pillars to Close High Ticket Sales on FB Messenger
Video 1: Website Asset Intro
Video 2: Find Your Domain
Video 3: Start Your Website and Lockdown Your Domain
Video 4: Backend Tour of Your Website
Video 5: Deleting Slow Plugins
Video 6: Installing Essential Plugins
Video 7: Installing WordPress Theme
Video 8: Creating A Blog Post
Video 9: Creating A Category
Video 10: Adding Legal Pages
Video 11: Adding Menus
Video 12: Creating The About Page
Video 13: What Are Widgets?
Video 14: Creating Email Forms & Popup Forms
Video 15: Website is Done, Now What?
Video 1: Intro to Nathan
Video 2: Why Blogging? Stats
Video 3: Understanding Search Results
Video 4: Search Traffic Buyer Intent
Video 5: Search Traffic Informative Intent
Video 6: Find The Best Keywords & Siphon Traffic From Your Competitors
Video 7: Generate Endless Topic Ideas
Video 8: Crafting The Perfect Blog Post
Video 9: SEO Keywords to Include LSI
Video 10: Generate Leads from Your Blog
Video 11: Automate & Outsource Your Blog
Video 12: On-Page SEO
Video 1: Intro to Google Ads
Video 2: Installing The Google Ad Pixel
Video 3: Google Ad Campaign Structure Explained
Video 4: Keyword Research (Plan For Success)
Video 5: How to Run A Search Campaign Ad
Video 6: How to Run Retargeting Ads on Google
Video 7: How to Run YouTube Ads
Video 8: YouTube Ad Custom Placements
Video 9: Creating Custom Audience to Retarget
Video 10: Analysing The Data In Google Ads
Video 11: Scaling Your Google Ads
Video 12: Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page
Video 1: Launch Jacking Intro
Video 2: How It Works & How Much You Can Make
Video 3: Common Questions & Concerns I Get
Video 4: How to Get An Article on Your Website
Video 5: Getting Articles Written For You
Video 6: How to Force Google To Show (Index) Your Site
Video 7: Advanced – Creating Bonuses
Video 8: Launch Jacking With YouTube

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